The Middle

Mine is a long story. I’m sure I’ll cover some if not all of it in time. But here I am in a private hospital receiving help for my third breakdown. Yet for the first time in my life I have been blessed with the provision of knowledge, through group tuition, that has started to help me make sense of the issues that plague me.

A friend suggested writing a blog that will cover the journey that I am about to take – and a very good suggestion it is. I leave here in two days and will be starting therapy that will target my particular set of diagnoses in the hope of a better life. A life with less depression and anxiety. A life where I can hopefully be free of the grey cloud that seems to follow like an unwanted shadow.

One thing I must say is that everything you will read in my blog will be based on my experiences and my issues. If you have mental ill health of any form it will be particular to you and even when you have sweeping labels given by one or more particular diagnoses your issues are driven by a set of experiences and feelings unique to you. So I encourage you to seek help in any way you can. I’d like to think that the things I will write may provide inspiration or support, but honestly (ha! here comes the low self esteem) my blog may not be read by anyone except family and friends.

I will be frank with how I feel and what I think.

It may not be easy, but it will be honest!

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