Auf Wiedersehen

Last night I avoided the gathering of patients in the common area directly outside my room. They were enjoying an impromptu movie night. The aroma of microwave fries filled the air and the sounds of Team America: World Police were quite distinct. I desperately wanted to be a part of that micro community for one last time. Unified by a common affliction yet for the duration of a simple film free of the individual traumas and desperation that had brought them here. I have reached that point yet again where I have alienated myself either within the bounds of my own paranoia and self doubt or by my impeded social skills.

I have managed to establish the background of quite a few of the guests of this illustrious facility. Either through direct conversation or via  revelations in the groups that we collectively attend. There are some truly sad stories out there and it reminds me of times in the past when I have been privileged to be the recipient of such intimate knowledge from people of all walks of life in situations including but not at all exclusive to that of mental health care. 

These thoughts, and my impending departure, leave me hoping that everyone here finds the peace that they so justly deserve, and fearful that even one of them may not. If I were religious I would pray. Yet I am not, and aside from any unknown benevolent supernatural forces that may assist them, I can only wish that they reach that place where the sky is clear and the warmth of sunshine sustains a full and happy life.

As Spock would say:

‘Live long and prosper’

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