One Big Step…

There was a sudden if somewhat optimistically anticipated turn of events today. A case worker from the CMHT rang to enquire as to my current situation and what I needed. She had obviously been forwarded the emails from my mother and my fiancée.

I explained I had been admitted to a private psychiatric hospital and had subsequently seen a series of mental health professionals both during and after my stay. The confusion as to what my options were was highlighted, primarily with regards to receiving DBT in a private healthcare setting. After making further enquiries and calling back twice I have a much clearer picture of what is going to happen:

  • The next intake for the DBT course is in six weeks (we knew this), for which I can self refer – I don’t need a psychiatrist to make the referral.
  • I will be under the care of the private hospital and will be discharged by the CMHT for the duration of the course. If needed I can return to CMHT care when the course finishes.
  • If I reach a critical state I can go to the CMHT for NHS crisis care rather than required admittance to the private hospital, as was suggested by the psychiatrist I saw on Tuesday.
  • The CMHT will perform a medication review and will visit once a week, for the time being, in light of my suicidal ideation.

So there it is. Whilst it is not ideal that I have to wait so long for the therapy, and the medication review may not be within the next week, I do have a good understanding of what will happen.

What will happen is what we’ve wanted all along. The case worker I spoke to was the first mental healthcare professional in many years to be so helpful and so friendly, and in such a short amount of time.

The next step is to enroll on the course – a very expensive course.  

Most importantly though, it is something that I feel may save my life.

My fiancé, family and children deserve it.

I do too.

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